Thursday, August 16, 2012


This challenge comes from BookSmartie.
So for this challenge (also, because my rating system just screams candy) I’d like you to share either what’s your favorite snack while reading - do you snack at all? Or do you - like me - sometimes try to eat (or drink) exactly what the characters in the story are having?
I tend to reach for snacks that are somewhat self contained and don’t need utensils otherwise I end up with food smudges and droplets all over the pages. Lately I have been going for wasabi peas. For a drink, it is always hot or iced tea (except when it is beer).
I don’t usually eat food that reflects a book while I am reading it but I have tried making making dishes later when an author makes something sound particularly delicious. A Feast of Ice and Fire/Inn at the Crossroads has been super awesome for this. The descriptions of food in ASoIaF are seriously the best and I want try so many things from those novels.


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