Monday, August 13, 2012


The first Bout of Books 5.0 challenge comes from Reading in Texas and The Space Between
To enter this challenge, tell us what happens to your books after you have read them.
If I love or even just like a book and know that I will want to reread it I keep it on my bookshelf. I frequently lend books to family and friends so I keep a little notebook and write down what I lent to who and when I gave it to them (I also use it to keep track of what I borrow from other people). For books that I don’t want to keep, I pass them along to friends or family to keep or pass on to someone they think will like it or I donate them to a charity shop. I signed up for BookCrossing today so I think I will start to use that for the books that I end up giving away.  It will be awesome to see where my old books turn up! 


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