Sunday, April 28, 2013


I finally have something else to put on the finished pile.

More tea!
Hour 14: share a quote. I picked a couple of quotes from You by Austin Grossman because I flagged a ton of them while reading.
They were a fixture, short and tall, two different flavors of loser. You'd see them walking home every day, Simon's hands shaping the air. What did they talk about? Comics, movies, inside jokes held over from the fourth grade? Another teen friendship, another tiny mysterious universe. (p. 7)
It was the first time, also, that I had to get out of a car when I wanted to stay sitting there forever, the first time I looked up at the black sky while the car pulled away, and the first time I hung around outside my house at one fifteen in the morning, freezing and wanting to stay out there so the moment held and so that I stayed the same new person who'd just ridden in a car with a girl, because I knew when I stepped through the doorway into my house I'd go back to being the old person. I stayed out for another half an hour, walking in circles like a lost polar explorer. (p. 89) 
So...Fragment is a weird book.

About to start Range of Ghosts, but there are pressing football issues.
Hour 16: turn the page (current book is Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear)
"I woud rather read than argue over the remains of a plate of hard-baked dumplings any day!"


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