Monday, July 29, 2013


I am looking forward to Austen in August as I love Jane Austen books. I re-read Pride and Prejudice, Persusasion, and Sense and Sensibility earlier this year.  For August, I plan on re-reading Mansfield Park and Emma as well as reading Northanger Abbey and Love and Freindship for the first time. 

Austen in August

Full description can be found here
The Goal: To read as many of Jane Austen;s works (finished or unfinished) as you want or are able to, during the month of August. Biographies, audiobooks, spin-offs, and re-reads also count. I will post throughout the month on different subjects, as well as with my own reviews of the Austen books I finish. We will be offering giveaways, guest posts, and other shenanigans, all of which are meant to inspire a great, interactive event. If you are going to participate, you can read any of Jane Austen's novels, a biography about her, or any contemporary re-imaginings (such as Austenland or The Jane Austen Book Club, for example). 
Books to Read
1. Emma by Jane Austen
2. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen
3. Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen
4. Love and Freindship by Jane Austen

Sunday, July 28, 2013


My Shelf Confessions is dedicating August to zombies and vampires. I am going to participate in the readathon. My goal is to read one book about zombies, one book about vampires, and one mash 'em up. 

Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon

 Below is the description of the whole event taken from here:
My Shelf Confessions is having a month long event celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which Monster reigns supreme?! There will be a Giveaway Blog Hop, a Linky Up Challenge where you can link you Vampire/Zombie themed posts form the month of August, a Books, Brains n' Blood Read-a-Thon, lots of Hosted Challenges, author guest posts/interviews, twitter parties, reviews and giveaway gore galore!!

Books to Read
1. World War Z by Max Brooks
2Dracula by Bram Stoker
3. The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett, I.N.J. Culbard

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Roundup from the June 2013 Bookish Photo Challenge (#rgrphotoaday) created by raegunramblings

1. view from here//2. travel//3. cover art//4. hype//5. reading break//6. ebook vs. book//7. summer//8. friendship//9. dnf//10. this part//11. beach reads//12. kid's book//13. day job//14. shadow//15. shelfie//16. listening//17. yummy//18. to be read//19. signed//20. guilty pleasure//21. spine//22. freebie//23. obsessed//24. movie//25. the best//28. swoon

Roundup from the June 2013 Summer Fun Photo Challenge (#summerfunphotoaday) created by jcash77

1. summer selfie//2. round//3. glasses//4. something neon//5. glazed//6. behind you//7. summer flowers//8. blue//9. looking up//10. vacation souvenir//11. sparkling//12. summer reading//13. fave summer food//14. sun flare//15. summer routine//16. striped//17. in a row//18. sunny spot//19. relaxing//20. summer love//21. flips/sandals//22. something pink//23. ruffles//24. iced//25. vacation spot//26. sweet treat//27. twisted//28. yellow