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My Shelf Confessions is dedicating August to zombies and vampires. I am going to participate in the readathon. My goal is to read one book about zombies, one book about vampires, and one mash 'em up. 

Books, Brains 'n Blood Read-a-Thon

 Below is the description of the whole event taken from here:
My Shelf Confessions is having a month long event celebrating all things Zombie and Vampire! Which Monster reigns supreme?! There will be a Giveaway Blog Hop, a Linky Up Challenge where you can link you Vampire/Zombie themed posts form the month of August, a Books, Brains n' Blood Read-a-Thon, lots of Hosted Challenges, author guest posts/interviews, twitter parties, reviews and giveaway gore galore!!

Books to Read
1. World War Z by Max Brooks
2Dracula by Bram Stoker
3. The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett, I.N.J. Culbard

Books I've read today
Number of pages read today: 100
I was a little worried that I would not like Dracula but I have to say that I am really enjoying it. I thought it might suffer from being used as inspiration for other works so often that going back and reading the source material would mean that everything would seem a bit stale, but so far thumbs up.


Books I've read todayDracula
Number of pages read today: 281     
Comments: Finished 
Dracula today. Overall I really liked it. I liked the epistolary format. It was slow at parts and the dialogue of the characters was overly dramatic but the story was exciting and the characters were interesting. The whole "woman are fragile flowers" attitude of the time got old pretty fast, but the main female character Mina was capable and smart so that helped to make up for it. The edition of the book I have is illustrated by Becky Cloonan and as always her work is perfect.

Books I’ve read today: 
The New Deadwardians
Number of pages read today: 176
Comments: The New Deadwardians is pretty short (I have the bind-up of the eight issue comic) so I read through the whole thing today. In the world of the story, a sizable amount of the population has been turned into zombies. Many of the upper class have become vampires to avoid becoming zombies and normal humans are the working class. I loved it! The main character is great and following his effort to solve a murder gives the reader a look into the mindset of someone who is struggling with his place in the world. There is a lot of great commentary on what it means to be human as well as some humor. Images are well married with the story and overall the whole thing is awesome. 

Books I’ve read today: World War Z
Number of pages read today: 67
Comments: Did not get much reading done today because I was laid up with a migraine for most of the day, but I plan to finish World War Z tomorrow.


Books I've read today: World War Z
Number of pages read today: 275
Comments: Did some marathon reading today to finish World War Z. I ended up liking this book as well. I didn't know anything going into it and had not even flipped through it when I went to start reading it yesterday so I did not know that the format was going to be a story told through interviews of survivors of the zombie outbreak as oppossed to a straight up novel. I actually ended up liking it more that I thought I would have when I assumed it was a novel. I liked the look at the different stages of the problem and the reactions by both individuals and organizations/nations.

Wrap Up

I really enjoyed this read-a-thon! I liked all the books I chose and I liked that all of them ended up being interesting formats. Overall a pretty great five days of reading.

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  1. That picture looks absolutely amazing! I hope you enjoy the rest of Dracula and World War Z. Visit my blog to enter the Cover Lover challenge. Hint hint: one of the books you're planning to read is on the list. ;)
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