Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Roundup from the June 2013 Bookish Photo Challenge (#rgrphotoaday) created by raegunramblings

1. view from here//2. travel//3. cover art//4. hype//5. reading break//6. ebook vs. book//7. summer//8. friendship//9. dnf//10. this part//11. beach reads//12. kid's book//13. day job//14. shadow//15. shelfie//16. listening//17. yummy//18. to be read//19. signed//20. guilty pleasure//21. spine//22. freebie//23. obsessed//24. movie//25. the best//28. swoon

Roundup from the June 2013 Summer Fun Photo Challenge (#summerfunphotoaday) created by jcash77

1. summer selfie//2. round//3. glasses//4. something neon//5. glazed//6. behind you//7. summer flowers//8. blue//9. looking up//10. vacation souvenir//11. sparkling//12. summer reading//13. fave summer food//14. sun flare//15. summer routine//16. striped//17. in a row//18. sunny spot//19. relaxing//20. summer love//21. flips/sandals//22. something pink//23. ruffles//24. iced//25. vacation spot//26. sweet treat//27. twisted//28. yellow


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