Saturday, October 12, 2013


Getting some knitting done while my hands are free.

Taking a break from Storm Front to start How to Get Into the Twin Palms.

I am trapped on the couch by a dog sleeping on my haunch.
Hour 7: mad libs
Original paragraph from Storm Front by Jim Butcher:
The new mailman's grin vanished, replaced with a scowl.He passed over the clipboard to let me sign for the mail (another late notice from my landlord), and said, "You're a nut. That's what you are." He took his clipboard back and said, "You have a nice day, sir."
Mad libs paragraph:
The delicate mailman's knight vanished, replaced with a trouble. He passed over the rice to let me wash for the quicksand (another acoustic notice from my dog), and said, "You're a paper. That's what you are." He took his rice back and said, "You have a belligerent body, sir."
I am woefully unprepared snack-wise so I went out to get lunch.

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  1. Mmmm, your lunch looks yummy! I love your photo updates - the best part of any readathon is getting a sneaky look into someone's life BEHIND the books. And YES, I tend to get a lot of reading done when I'm trapped on the sofa by a sleepy pet - in my case, two cats. There's always that feeling of, "Weeeell, it'd be a shame to move them... just one more chapter." :)