Saturday, October 12, 2013



 Made it outside to read for a little while.
Hour 10: favorite book trailer. See below.

  Fulfilling the mini challenge.
Hour 11: self portrait. See above.

My sister dropped by with a much appreciated Cherry Coke.
Hour 12Mid-point survey
1. How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? So far so good. I am used to waking up early for work so that wasn't so bad and I spent half of the day working on an audiobook so my eyes are still good to go.
2. What have you finished reading? Storm Front and How to Get Into the Twin Palms
3. What is your favorite read so far? Too hard to choose! Storm Front is a re-read (love it) although the first time I read it in print not audiobook. I heard good things about James Marsters narration and I was not disappointed. I loved How to Get Into the Twin Palms too. I recommended it to my sister as soon as she walked though the door.
4. What about your favorite snacks? I haven't really been snacking, but I did have In-N-Out for lunch and that was absolutely delish. 


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