Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Books read today: Guards! Guards (finished), Uprooted (in progress), Ladies of Grace Adieu (in progress) 
Amount read today: 115 pages and 4h19m of audio 
Total amount read: 115 pages and 10h14m of audio 
Total number of books finished: 1 
Challenged completed today: Would You Rather?
Comments: I finished Guards! Guards! Loved it. Might rethink my list and start another Discworld book this week. I started Uprooted and got a little less than a fifth of the way in. I wanted to love it but so far I just kind of like it. In the first couple of chapters the whole "oh look, the the main character is a clumsy and disheveled mess" thing was laid on super thick. It's mentioned at least every other page and it was all tell, no show and it drove me nuts. Also I am not really connecting with the characters. I will put this aside for a while. I will probably try a few more chapters before I completely give up in it though.


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